LCD Controller Board - ARV-700

ioT (internet of Things) SBC
I.MX6D MX-913120/913150

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MX-913120 series is a professional embedded ARM based single board computer especially designed for ioT (internet of Things) applications

and cloud server connection. MX-913120 series supports complete signal I/O ports including RJ45 ethernet (optional for wifi module),TMDS, LVDS, RS232, I2C, USB, and SD card socket. This product series is designed as the major controller for data collection of internet of Things,

industrial control, automation, and digital signage. With Spectrah's complete cable and peripherals, MX-913120 series supports the resolution of LCD panel from VGA (640x480) upto FHD (1920x1080) for a wide range of industrial display systems or customized display devices.

With fully firmware and hardware support, Spectrah's MX-913120 series provides professional functions for ioT/Cloud application, display quality, sensor control, ease of use, and cost efficient solutions for industrial users.


MX-913120 (I.MX6D, LVDS, 2USB)
MX-913150 (I.MX6D, LVDS, 5USB)

6.5” / 8.4” LCD Panel

- AUO_G065VN01; G070VW01; G084SN05

- KOE_TX18D200VM0EAA-1
- Kyocera_TCG057VGLBA-G00; TCG070WVLRXPCX-GDX118;T-55786GD084J-LW

- Mitsubishi_AA065VE11; AA070MC11; AA084SD11
- NEC_NL6448BC18-07; NL6448BC20-35D; NL10276BC13-01C; NL10276BC16-06

- Sharp_LQ065Y5DZ01; LQ064X3LW01; LQ070Y3LG01; LQ084S3LG03; LQ084S3LG11

10.4” LCD Panel

- AU_G104SN03; G104XVN01.0
- CMO-Innolux_G104S1-L01; G104X1-L03


- Mitsubishi_AA104SH02; AA104SL02; AA104SJ02; AA104VJ12

- NEC_NL6448BC33-71C; NL6448BC33-71D; NL10276BC20-18
- Sharp_LQ104V1LG81; LQ121K1LG52;

12.1” LCD Panel

- AUO_G121XTN01; B121EW09; G121XN01; G133HAN01_0
- CMO-Innolux_G121S1-L01; G121I1-L01; G121X1-L04; G133IGE-L03



- Mitsubishi_AA121SU11; AA121XK02; AA121XN01; AA121TD11
- NEC_NL10276BC24-21KH; NL10276BC24-21; NL8060BC31-50F; NL8060BC31-41C
- Sharp_LQ121S1LG81; LQ121S1LG86; LQ121X3LG02

15” LCD Panel

- AUO_G150XG03 V4; G150XTN05.0; G150XVN01.0; B156HW02; G156HTN02.0
- CMO-Innolux_G150XGE-L04; G150X1-L03; N156BGE-L21


- Kyocer_TVL-55684D140U-LW-I-AAN

- Mitsubish_AA150XT11; AC150XA01; AA150XS11; AA150XN02; AA141TC01
- NEC_NL10276BC30-19; NL10276BC30-39; NL10276AC30-45D
- Sharp_LQ150X1LW12; LQ150X1LG98; LQ150X1LG11

17” / 18” / 19” LCD Panel

- AU_M170EG01; G170ETN01.0; G190ETN01.6; G190EAN01.0; G190EG01; G190EG02
- CMO-Innolux_M170EGE-L20; G185BGE-L01; M190CGE-L20;
- LG_LM190E0C-SLA1; LM190E05

- Mitsubish_AA170EC01; AA190EB02

- NEC_NL128102AC29-17; NL192108AC21-04
- Samsung_LTM170ET01; LTM190EX-L31

- Sharp_LQ185M3LW01; LQ190E1LW52; LQ190E1LW52

20” / 21.3” / 24” / 26” LCD Panel

- AU_G220SVN01.0; T215HVN01.0; G215HVN01.1; M240HTN01.2; G240HW01            
- CMO-Innolux_G215HVN01.1

- NEC_NL12876AC39-01; NL160120AC27-37; NL160120AC27-40
- Samsung_LTM230HL07-D                   

CPU: I.MX6D Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9

Firmware: Android 5.0; Embedded Linux 3.xx; Yocto 3.10.xx
Memory: 1 GB DDR3, 533MHz
4 x RS232 Port
Support single pixel (18-bit/24-bit) & dual pixel (36-bit/48-bit) TFT panels
Support resolutions from 640 x 480 up to 1920 x 1080
10/100/1000Mbps Network (Wifi module optional)
Hardware Video Codec

I.MX6D Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9

Symmetric CPU configuration

Cortex-A9, up to 1.0 GHz,

Level 1 Cache - 32KB Instruction, 32KB Data cache per each core

1 Megabyte unified L2 cache shared by all CPU cores

Neon MPE (Media Processing Engine) Co-processor

Three Graphics Processing Units (GPUs)


Android 5.0

Embedded Linux 3.xx

Yocto 3.10.x


1 GB 64-bit DDR3, 533MHz


8 GB eMMC iNAND (optional)

Hardware Video Codec

Encoder: MPEG-4 SP; H.264 BP; CBP, H.263 V2 + Annex J, K; MJPEG Baselin

Decoder: MPEG-4 SP, ASP; H.264 BP, MP, HP; H.264-MVC BP, MP, HP; H.263 V2 + Annex J, K

MPEG-2 MP, HP; VC-1 SP, MP, AP; DivX v3,4,5; Real Video 8, 9, 10; MJPEG Baseline; On2 VP8; AVS Jizhun

Panel Support

TFT VGA 640 x 480
TFT SVGA 800 x 600
TFT XGA 1024 x 768
TFT SXGA 1280 x 1024
TFT WUXGA 1920 x 1080
Single 18-bit/24-bit /LVDS Panels
Dual 36-bit/48-bit LVDS Panels


RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet Port
1 x 10/100/1000Mbps (IEEE1588 compliant),
Wifi Module (optional)

DC Power Support

LCD Panel: +3.3V, +5V, +12V DC
Backlight Controller: +3.3V, +5V, +12V ~ +24V

Input/Output Ports

2 x SD Card Slots (Firmware $ External Storage)
1 x I2C Port, Supports 400 kbps
GPIO Connector (10-pin,1.25pitch)
1 x LVDS Port: Support Dual Channels, Up To 1920x1080 Panel

1 x TMDS HD Port
2 x audio ports (Audio-In/Audio-Out)
2~5 x USB Ports (1 x OTG & 1 x Host, or 1 x OTG & 4 x Host )
4 x UART Ports Including 1 Consol Port
10 x General Purpose I/O Pins

Panel Connection

One 30-pin LVDS connector


Real Time Clock Backup

Power Consumption

8 Watt ( without connection to LCD panel)

Power Requirement

The complete power requirement is dependent on what LCD panel connected to MX-913120 series. Around 50 Watt power adapter is recommended to supply +12V DC power forMX-913120 series and LCD panels under 22” size. For more detail in power requirement, please contact Spectrah Customer Service Center for more information.

Board Dimension
150 (L) mm x 120 (W) mm
ioT (internet of Things) Data Collection Center
Digital Signage
Industrial Control System
Automation Control System
Gaming Machine
Information Terminal

- ioT SBC MX-914120 (I.MX6Q, LVDS, 2USB) - ioT SBC MX-914150 (I.MX6Q, LVDS, 5USB)

- ioT SBC MX-913120 (I.MX6D, LVDS, 2USB) - ioT SBC MX-913150 (I.MX6D, LVDS, 5USB)

- ioT SBC MX-912120 (I.MX6DL, LVDS, 2USB) - ioT SBC MX-912150 (I.MX6DL, LVDS, 5USB)

- ioT SBC MX-911120 (I.MX6S, LVDS, 2USB) - ioT SBC MX-911150 (I.MX6S, LVDS, 5USB)
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