Industrial Temperature Sensor

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The SR-2904 is a high-quality digital temperature sensor, and the onboard micro controller transfers temperature data to the host control system through RS232 Interface. In addition, temperature can be data-logged using the Thermal Management Software Graphical User Interface (GUI). The SR-2904 can be applied in products like industrial monitor, automation device, digital signage, and industrial PC.

- SR-2904 ( Industrial temperature sensor - PWM interface output)

Sensor Chip

Digital temperature sensor chip  
MCU 8051 chip   
Excellent response  
Ultra low power

Output Interface

PWM output

Power Requirement

DC+3.3V Regulated

Operating Temperature & Humidity

-30 °C to 80°C; 20%RH to 80%RH

Storage Temperature & Humidity

-40 °C to 95°C; 10%RH to 90%RH


Industrial temperature control monitor

Industrial temperature control PC

Temperature control industrial automation device

Temperature control kiosks

Temperature control vehicle display

Temperature sensor digital signage

Operation environment control

Storage environment control

- SR-2904 industrial temperature sensor (PWM interface output)




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