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ARV-1913/1923/1933 series

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ARV-1910 series are medium size A/D converter boards designed for hgiher resolution upto 3840 x 2160 display systems. This controller
board supports 3 types of LCD panel ( V-By-One, eDP, and LVDS). It drives various LCD panels from the resolution of 640 x 480 up to
3840 x 2160 in 10-but color depth. In addition, this LCD controller board provide PiP and PbP dual window feature. This product series
also provide optional RS232 interface to allow PC to execute remote control on OSD features. Working with Spectrah's sensor controller, ARV-1910 series support light & temperature detection and brightness control automatically. This product line is a high quality A to D converter with
excellent scaler feature, capable of converting input signals of analog RGB, HDMI, DP, and DVI-I to display variousLCD panels
including AUO, BOE, Innolux, Sharp, NEC, Mitsubishi, and LG..

Model Name:
ARV-1913 (HDMI, DP, RGB, VB-1, UART)

ARV-1923 ( HDMI, DP, RGB, 4-Lane eDP, UART)

ARV-1933 (HDMI, DP, RGB, 8-Lane eDP, UART)


27" LCD Panel (4 Lane eDP)


28" LCD Panel (8 Lane V-By-One)


28" LCD Panel (4 Lane eDP)


- Innolux_M280DGJ-L30

- Innlux_M280DCA-E3B




Professional 4k x 2k scaler chip

High resolution 3840 x 2160@60Hz (4kx2k) scaler engine

Supports HDMI_2.0 and DP_1.2a

Supports PiP and PbP

Support V-By-1 4k x 2k resolution

Support 4-Lane eDP 4k x 2k resolution

Support 8-Lane eDP 4k x 2k resolution

Support UART remote control

Support optional sensor detection

Support dual power for LCD module and backlight module

ADC Controller

High resolution 3840 x 2160@60Hz (4kx2k) scaler engine
Multi-function digital interface engines
Integrated HDMI_2.0 and DP_1.2a compliant receiver
Integrated Singl-link and Dual-Link DVI 1.0 compliant receivers
10-bit data processing and programmable 12-bit RGB gamma
Support frame rate convertion
Support two windows PiP and PbP features


Image Processing Features

Auto-detection (Input signal format and VESA mode detection)

Auto-configuration (Input positioning, clock, and phase)

RS232 remote control

Support remote control of OSD (optional)

Input Port

Analog RGB
HDMI (2.0 & 1.4 compliant)
DVI-I (optional)
Display port (1.2a compliant)
Audio input/output interface
UART port
Sensor port

On Screen Display (OSD)

Auto setup
Brightness / Balck level/ Contrast adjustment
Image V-Position / H-Position adjustment
Audio colume adjustment
OSD rotation
Aspect Ration options

Panel Support

V-By-One TFT 3840 x 2160

eDP_4Lane TFT 3840 x 2160

eDP_8Lane TFT 3840 x 2160

LVDS panel (optional)

Image Processing Feature

Auto-detection (Input format detection)
Auto-configuration (Input positioning & Clock phase)

Dual Power Modules

LCD Panel: +3.3V, +5V, +12V DC (or special DC voltage exp. 18V)
Backlight controller: +3.3V, +5V, +12V ~ +24V

Audio Amplifier

Stereo 10W class D audio amplifier for dual channels of speaker

Panel Connection

40-pin V-By-One connector

40-pin eDP connector

40-pin LVDS connector (optional)

VESA Standard

Supports VESA DDC2B and a subset of VESA DPMS standards
On board EDID ROM compliant with VESA DDC2B 1.X (Optional)

Power Consumption

7 Watt (ARV-19XX board only, without connection to LCD panel) (+12V DC input)

Power Requirement

The complete power requirement is dependent on what LCD panel connected to ARV-19xx. Around 60 Watt power adapter is recommended to supply +12V DC power for ARV-19xx series and LCD panels under 22” size. For more detail in power requirement, please contact Spectrah Customer Service Center for more information.

Board Dimension
190 (L) x 120 (W) mm



Operating Temperature & Humidity


Storage Temperature & Humidity

-40℃ to 95℃; ~ 95%RH

Automation control system
Medical equipment
KVM control device
Industrial LCD monitor
Gaming machine
Information terminal

ARV-1913 (HDMI, DP, RGB, VB-1, UART)

ARV-1923 ( HDMI, DP, RGB, 4-Lane eDP, UART)

ARV-1933 (HDMI, DP, RGB, 8-Lane eDP, UART)


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