LCD Inverter - 12 CCFLs - INV12-167346_LF

LCD Inverter - 12 CCFLs
INV12 Series

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The Spectrah INV12 series DC to AC inverter is designed to power 12 tubes backlight. It is a high frequency and high efficiency switching power supply, with low noise and light weight. This inverter provides PWM dimming function for smooth brightness adjustment, external power ON/OFF control, and also some safety features to protect output power including auto shutdown when lamp connection is open and short circuit and overload protection. This inverter series is able to drive a wide range of LCD panels including AUO, CMO, CPT, Hydis, Kyocera, LG, Mitsubishi, NEC, Optrex, Prime View, Samsung, Sharp, and Toshiba.


Applicable to 12 tubes

PWM dimming function

External digital ON/OFF control

Auto shutdown when lamp connection is open

Short circuit and overload protection

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LCD Backlight Inverter - 12 C CFLs - INV12-167346-LF (Vin-24.0V, Lamp Current-4.6mA, Vout-1100V, SM02 8.0 x 6)
LCD Backlight Inverter - 12 C CFLs - INV12-167465-LF (Vin-24.0V, Lamp Current-6.5mA, Vout-1800V, SM02 12.0 x 6)
LCD Backlight inverter - 12 CCFLs - INV12D-148345-LF (Vin-12.0V, Lamp Current-4.5mA, Vout-720V, SM02 8.0 x 6)
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